Offering stress relief solutions and tools for deeper self understanding to increase peace, well being and creativity

Nature is our teacher.
Accomplish m
ore, do less and be at ease. 

Furthering people's well being and removing stress is my goal and my purpose.

As a former team building and corporate play specialist, I discovered that the key to happiness is to deeply understand what it is that inspires you, in order to design a life that is in full alignment with your heart's desires. Stress occurs when we pursue illusory needs instead of listening to our own inner calling which always furthers experiences that serve our highest health and happiness. These are intangibles and further our sharing and caring natures. 

Not only do I help people discover their passions and their calling, 
as a Meditation and Yoga Teacher and a Heartmath Practitioner, I also help people to experience greater mental well being. Feeling balanced and in harmony with yourself and others is a necessary component to living a happy life with loving relationships.

I am available as a Wellness Consultant, to design a program 
for people of all ages and welcome speaking with you.  

Laurin Kyle Boyle - Managing Director

Kyle Boy
le & Associates Inc